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Neandertal Dark 90ml

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Neandertal is a conceptual perfume that transcends time and space.

The two unisex fragrances are the speculative embodiment of the now extinct human; Neandertal. Beings that live on within our DNA. Neandertal darkTM and Neandertal lightTM offer a sophisticated and complex mixture of scents with materials natural to their environments. The perfume contains fresher tones blended with innovative aromatic materials, distillates and natural isolates compounding into a mixture of olfactory palettes wearable by today’s modern humans.

Neandertal dark

The darker, more shadowed version of Nean- dertal®. A scent of movement that challenges perfumery conventions. The top note structure of Neandertal darkTM comprises leafy, aroma- tic and textural sensations, symbolic of nature; trees, plants, flowers and citrus fruits. Ini- tially, pepper berries and incense clash against this delicate foliage accord, pushing, pulling and in time combining to create a transgres- sive and original iodine profile as Neandertal darkTM evolves. Sandalwood and cedar provide a durable foundation for Neandertal darkTM. The inclusion of oud and leather adds unusual animalic depth and resinous shadow. Earthy rhizome materials reintroduce the familiar green facets in a darker manner. An accord comprising vetiver, patchouli and musk is offset against amber bringing both vibrancy and richness to Neandertal darkTM.


Neandertal dark


Foliage Ginger

Pink pepper Grapefruit Pine


Incense Geranium Caraway Seaweed


Vetiver Patchouli Oud Amber Musk Leather Sandalwood Tobacco Labdanum absolute


As a way of artistic response to ontological questions and the history of mankind, artist Kentaro Yamada in collaboration with perfumer Euan McCall created Neandertal® Perfume. Neandertal® Perfume imagines the life of this mysterious being while raising questions of the past and future of modern humans. The results are contemporary, highly original, and expe- rimental fragrance structures which are free from conventional and traditional perfumery standards. One a darker, smokier more animalic interpretation of the concept and the other a brighter facet containing higher levels of light, delicate and fresh materials.

Woven through both scents is a hot mineral accord, taking inspiration from the hot flint aroma produced during the knapping process. The resulting accord is an overdose of several high-impact, steroidal odorants against lighter aquatic elements to recreate this sensation.

The Neandertal stoneware perfume bottle is slip cast from a flint knapped hand-axe then fired and vitrified at over 1400°C. Each bottle is handmade by the artist Kentaro Yamada.