Leah Fraser x Skarfe

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Sydney-based artist Leah Fraser creates lyrical paintings that engage with history, magic and the unknown in their metaphorical visualisation of the “waters of life”. Drawing inspiration from folk mythologies, diverse cultures and children’s tales, Fraser’s paintings depict shaman-like characters travelling through mystic lands in search of spiritual metamorphosis. Decorated in ritualistic clothing and plants in a ceremonial splendour, the figures have a deeply intrinsic relationship with the natural world.


Skarfe has translated Leah’s 2017 painting Her beauty was visible still, on to a luxuriously soft and fine cashmere modal blend; ideal for all-season wear. The artwork features a female figure, pierced by arrows, seated in a forest glade surrounded by flowers and birds. The scarf itself is hand-fringed and drapes beautifully on the body, exposing different elements of the artwork each time it is tied, whether it be a floral motif, trees against a dusk sky, or the Artemis-like figure herself.


136x136cm, Cashmere Modal, Hand-Fringed Border