Discover CIRE TRUDON'S New Releases 'CIRE' & 'SALTA' Discover CIRE TRUDON'S New Releases 'CIRE' & 'SALTA'


WORLD 4421 The Marketing V Neck Floral Fauna

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Do you speak plainly or do you Marketing speak? Marketing is so cool it tells us what cool is...feel free to get 'influenced' - or maybe you'll be 'influencing'? 

A Classic Slim T-Shirt with a v-neck crossover detail, perfectly suited to a pair of Levi's or dress it up into a suit and mix marketing-formal with marketing-casual! Either way you are a bunch of flower - enjoy!

Fabrication: Cotton Lycra

This garment has been designed and made in Auckland, New Zealand using fabrications and notions sourced internationally.