Saturday 5th December 2015

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WORLD Ponsonby, 179 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland




ALPHA BETA GAMMA - Trish Campbell

WORLD is excited to announce a new exhibition at our flagship Wellington Store

Opening - Thursday 17th September 2015
WORLD Wellington,
102 Victoria Street, Wellington

"My art is an honest reflection of my inner voice, a way in which I navigate
emotional responses to the world around me."  Trish Campbell

Trish Campbell's ALPHA BETA GAMMA installation shares an approach to art making with the Californian light and space artists of the 1960's preferred, to push the boundaries of art to encompass the quotidian in neon and plastic.  Campbell's work is a continuation of this idea.

It is a retinal feast, a flourish of colours bleeding into one another, inviting the viewer to make any number of metaphorical associations.  Campbell sees herself primarily as a 'maker' and ALPHA BETA GAMMA is no exception to this, evolving and developing as it did over several years.

The artists commitment to her craft is a rare attribute.  Trish has delivered on her desire to make something beautiful and more.........twelve radiant vessels crafted for your pleasure!

All artworks are for sale, price on application
Exhibition until Sunday 11th October 2015.