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Santa Maria Novella - Skincare & Fragrances

Santa Maria Novella - full collection now available at: 
WORLD Ponsonby , WORLD Newmarket ,  WORLD Wellington , WORLD Britomart & WORLD Queenstown


Throughout the collection we have available at WORLD, there are the famed Rose and Orange Blossom toning waters and skin tonics, the hydrating creams including Crema F the Vitamin F cream, eye serums and night oils, along side the exfoliating mask and facial washes.
For the body there is a cacophony of specific creams, powders, washes and treatments for all parts of the body. Such as the relax or intimate body washes, the anti-cellulite or toning body creams, the melograno body powder or rose bath oils, and the hand and foot treatments. There are also specific SPF products and post sun washes and lotions.


Santa Maria Novella's fragrances sit perfectly with WORLD's ever evolving collection of niche fine fragrance, with inclusions such as the historic Acqua di S.M.Novella, Colonia Nostalgia and Colonia Angeli di Firenze.


Santa Maria Novella is in essence a unisex line, however there are a number of specific Men's products such as shaving creams and foams, as well as post shave lotions.

The Full Collection:

In making the entire collection available for the first time in New Zealand, we  are also offering such unique products as the range for cats and dogs, the Armenia Scent Papers, the Melograno Scented Terracotta room diffusor, the Iris toothpaste and mouthwash along side the famed soaps and bath salts in the much coveted and adored packaging.


Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is an homage to old-world traditions; each pot, jar and bottle seeped in history.  Founded in 1221when the Domenican friars, arriving in Florence, built their monastery just outside the city gate. Shortly afterwards they began to study and experiment the properties of officinal herbs grown in their gardens next to the monastery, making potions, balms and herbal remedies to use in their monastery’s infirmary. One of it’s first elixirs was a distillation of rose petals to use as an antiseptic cleanser for houses post-plague.  The Officina still stocks the elixir, though you may find the rose water more useful as refreshing facial toner, rather than a household cleanser.

Though word of their renowned remedies had spread world-wide, it wasn’t until 400 years later in 1612, that Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella the monk Fra Angiolo Marchissi opened the pharmacy to the public (long after it already secured a place in the history books) earning in this way, from the Grand Duke of Tuscany who had taken note of “such apothecary talent” the right for the dispensary to bear the honorable title o “His Royal Highness’s firm”. So the Domenicans officially started their commercial activity selling their curative and ephemeral products directly. Thus the Officina Profumo - Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella (Perfume and Pharmaceutical Oficine of Holy Mary Novella) was born with an emblematic name that gave precedence to perfume or the ephemeral rather than the curative aspect of more spiritual inspiration, the medicinal or pharmaceutical.

After 400 years of uninterrupted business in the building situated in Via Reginaldo Giuliani tradition is perpetuated and renewed. Raw materials of the highest quality are still used and apothecary father’s artisanal procedures are still followed, yet the company avails itself of modern technology and state of the art equipment. 

Some 100 years before their grand opening, Catherine de’ Medici, just 14 years old (and a newlywed, having just married the future King of France), commissioned a signature scent from the legendary farmaceutica, thus giving birth to the first Eau de Cologne.  The bergamot and citrus scented ‘Acqua della Regina’ – or ‘Water of the Queen’ was so loved by the young Queen of France that she gave it out as gifts to  friends during her tenure on the throne.  Using the same original formula created for Catherine de’Medici, Santa Maria Novella’s signature scent remains one of the most popular scents to this day.

Most of their incredible, beautifully wrapped potions and products date back hundreds of years; their formulas and production methods unchanged for centuries.  The 'Pasta di Mandorle', or 'Almond Paste', thought to be the first product the Dominican friars ever concocted,  has amazing skin healing and rejuvenating properties.  Containing sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, egg yolk, virgin beeswax, and glycerin, this hydration powerhouse also evens skin tone and diminishes age spots.

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