Royal Fern/ Anti-Aging Cream 50ml


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Phytoactive Anti-Aging Cream

Highly effective anti-aging cream for a perfect complexion

Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti-Aging Cream is a smooth, luxurious cream that revitalizes your face after just one application. The Anti-Aging Cream provides moisture into the deeper layers of your skin and stimulates the natural collagen production.  Simultaneously, the cream inhibits the reduction of collagen and elastin.


With antioxidants and valuable plant extracts, the Royal Fern Anti-Aging Cream protects the skin against environmental influences, stress and, intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging. With extended use both your skin firmness and elasticity are improved, complexion becomes more radiant and, any existing pigment formation is reduced.

Thanks to an innovative liposome technology, the valuable active substances of the Royal Fern Complex are continuously released into the skin over the course of 12 hours.

Application: Appropriate for both Morning and Evening use. Apply Royal Fern Anti-Aging Cream to the face and neck area after cleansing.


• Paraben-free


• Dermatologically tested

• Not tested on animals



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