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WORLD 4443 Appearance Coat Pink Oyster Royal

$1,299.00 $649.50
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What is in an appearance? Do we judge books by their covers...I know we all do with wine! Own your appearance by dressing to define yourself, take strength and courage, confidence and comfortability in yourself by dressing how you best feel represents you!

This coat is a structurally diverse colour block collaboration of detail and texture. Cut from a heavy weight double satin this statement coat has a gorgeous touch, double breasted with elongating panel lines wrapping the body. A formal piece that will dress up any already already elegant outfit or dress. Perfectly suited to events and special occasions.

Very limited in quantity.

Fabrication: Double Satin Poly - cautious this is a delicate fabrication and care must be taken when wearing, making sure not to rub against rough surfaces or pieces of jewellery.

This garment has been designed and made in Auckland, New Zealand using fabrications and notions sourced internationally.