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Arquiste - Esencia de el Palacio - Nardos 100ml

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Olfactive Family - Floral/Tuberose
Perfume Author - Rodrigo Flores-Roux
As if watching over our dreams, tuberos continues to breathe out its scent while everyone sleeps. The most fragrant flower of the Mexican botanical world, it's effects extend beyond the realm of smell: it is the privilege of sight and a regular character in our art. Proud and with a strong presence, the tuberose is a faithful reflection of Mexican temperament.
Head Notes - Sugar cane, Cognac, Tuberose
Heart Notes - Sampaquita Flower, Ylang-ylang, Orange Blossom
Base Notes - Immortelle, Oak, Castoreum
Esencia de El Palacio is a fragrance collection by Arquiste for Palacio de El Hierro, the first and most sophisticated departmental store in Mexico since 1891, focused on the olfactory richness of Mexico, its geography and its botanical and cultural richness.