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ARQUISTE Travel Set - Florals

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Florals – Travel set - 

- Eau de Parfum

Travel /gift set of four 5 ml/0.17 fl. oz. sprayers

With four delicate fragrances blooming with the finest natural extracts, this collection is the ideal gift for those who love floral fragrances. Flor y Canto delivers the heat and passion of an Aztec festival in the summer of 1400, featuring intoxicating Mexican tuberose, Plumeria, and the sacred Marigold.  Fleur de Louis transports the wearer to the Isle of Pheasants on the French-Spanish border in 1660, where young Louis XIV meets his bride for the first time amid a bouquet of Orange Blossom, Florentine Orris, and Jasmine. Experience the feel of the 17th century Spanish court with Infanta en Flor, featuring bright Orange Flower Water, rich Spanish Leather, and Immortelle.  Finally, a crisp Gardenia shines on the lapel of a dandy gentleman, against the scent of Italian Mandarin, Bergamot and French Lavender in Boutonnière no. 7, set in the Parisian Opéra-Comique in 1899