Discover CIRE TRUDON'S New Releases 'CIRE' & 'SALTA' Discover CIRE TRUDON'S New Releases 'CIRE' & 'SALTA'

Black & White

Black & White Candle 3

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Is Three a crowd, or is Three company?Sometimes Three is the lucky number!  Count to Three & take the plunge, roll the dice.  The scent itself is an exotic wood note appealing to the salacious warmth of dusk. Good Night and Good Luck. 

Black & White.Co  candles are handmade & poured in New Zealand using the finest French fragrance, with natural soy wax & finished with a pure cotton plaited wick.There are rules for Black & White.Co candles: To get the most out of each candle, burn until the entire surface of the candle melts. Do not leave candle burning unattended, otherwise you’ll miss out on the scent! Make sure to allow the candle to solidify before lighting again. Before lighting, trim the wick to be no longer than 4mm. Always protect the surface where you set your candle down.