Claus Porto Deco Soap - Paradise Rose - 150g


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The Claus Porto Deco soaps are a collection of diverse scents.
Deco immediately evokes the aesthetics of Art Deco era of the 1920s, both in name, packaging design and the strive to create ultimately beautiful object for everyday use.

Made with enriching shea butter known for its nourishing and protective qualities the Deco soaps contain different essential oils such as vetiver, bergamot, tangerine, almond and many others and are ideal for relaxation with each essential oil lending their unique beneficial and soothing properties
Each Claus Porto soap is handmade and milled seven times ensuring that the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout the soap resulting in a richer scent. Using techniques passed down generation to generation, Claus Porto soaps are air dried, the natural way which produces a dense long lasting soap of the highest quality.
The Deco soaps are made using enriching shea butter known for its nourishing and protective qualities and also contain various essential oils full of beneficial and relaxing properties.


Claus Porto a brand with great historical provenance, was founded in 1887 by two entrepreneurial Germans: Ferdinand Claus and George PH Schweder.

Adopting Portugal as their new home, Claus and George settled in the seaside city of Oporto and began manufacturing soaps and perfumes of the highest quality. The first national factory of its kind, Claus Porto soaps soon became a popular part of the grooming regime of the elite and upper classes of Portugal, even attracting the attention of the King of Portugal D Manuel II who visited the factory in 1908.

Following the advent of WW1, the company closed in 1914 and resumed production in 1918 under the management of former employee Ach Brito who re-established the brand under his own name.

Ambitious, Ach Brito's passion and innovation secured the Claus Porto's future as the leading manufacturer of fine soaps throughout Europe. Winning many awards and accolades throughout their industrious history; Claus Porto is now owned by the great grandchildren of Ach Brito.

Using time-honoured techniques, passed down generation to generation Claus Porto continue to delight and charm with a collection of handmade soaps, crafted from the finest quality ingredients.


All Claus Porto soaps are paraben free, derived from natural sources and are not tested on animals.

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