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CREED Acqua Originale: Cedre Blanc

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Eau de Parfum

In the beaded with morning dew iris pseudacorus' beating yellow responds sandalwood and red cedar's lofty eight. With its beautiful wooded look, white cedar rises above geraniums' red lobed leaves, and above those of heady and white jasmine. Bergamot's fruity notes gently respond to the calm and soothing flows of vetiver deep roots, to cardamom's thin rhizomes, and galbanum's hermaphroditism, so as to gently lift the cool and slightly troubled waters of a fine source towards delicate green summits, in a free and warm duration of movement.

Top notes of Bergamot, Laurel, Cardamom and Galbanum

Heart notes of Geranium, Jasmine and Waterlily
Base notes of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vetiver

Scent Type Woods