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Framed Art Work - Assorted & One Offs

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In collaboration with Artist Dana Wyse and Jesus Had A Sister Productions, WORLD has made small artwork frames that can sit on a mantlepiece or hang on a wall. 

Jesus Had A Sister Productions is a fictional pharmaceutical company specialising in quick-fix medicines, dehydrated space food, discount time travel, spy electronics, transistor radios, invisible things, sneaky life hacks, Venus Fly Traps (when available)…and pocket-size weapons for the revolution. Incorporated in 1786 by the artist's great great great grandfather, Jesus Had A Sister Productions has not shuttered its factory doors a single day in over two centuries. Despite the existential winds... 

Helping you to create your own reality. Since 1786.

One Art Frame made at a the WORLD team in Auckland New Zealand.


Further information:

Dana Wyse is a Canadian writer and contemporary artist. Her work has been featured in galleries, museums, and publications around the world. Under the nom de plume Jesus Had A Sister Productions, Wyse has created more than 300 different objects: from mass-produced chewing gums and piggy banks, to limited edition toys and life-altering medications. Her work often straddles the line between art and business, creating confusion - with its  made in China feel - about authorship. This uncertainty allows the spectator to connect aspects of themselves to the work without the distraction of the artist's identity;

She is a member of the Art & Flux.research team at the Sorbonne University in Paris.