Huseyin Sami x Skarfe: Untitled

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Huseyin Sami works with the physicality of paint itself. His medium, subject and process is an ever-building thesis on the possibilities and limitations of acrylic house paint. Through incessant experimentation, Sami has developed an ingenious repertoire of techniques and activities predicated on dealing with the ontology of painting. Sami makes paintings without any of the gestures, tools, or decisions normally associated with the medium, deliberately relinquishing a certain agency and employing devices such as pouring, dripping, rolling, stretching and cutting household paint, allowing his paintings to virtually make themselves.


For Huseyin Sami’s collaboration with Skarfe, the artwork Untitled (PWGB) 2016 has been digitally printed on luxurious heavyweight silk twill. The fabric drapes and undulates in a trompe l’oeil effect, mimicking the folds of acrylic paint within the artwork. The weighty silk twill gives the work a pearly, iridescent finish, and each scarf is finished with hand-rolled hems. The dimensions are 158 x 110cm.

About the Artist

Huseyin Sami was born in the United Kingdom in 1979 and arrived in Australia in 1983. He graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons. First Class) in 2000, and completed a Masters of Visual Arts at the same institution in 2003.

About the Store

Scarfe in Potts Point, Sydney, specialises in unique, high-end scarves from around the world. In addition to sourcing and selling theh work of independent textiles designers, Skarfe also works with critically acclaimed Australasian artists on niche wearable-art collaborations.