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PERRIER® x MURAKAMI Collectable 4 pack 330ml Bottles

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Carbonated Mineral Water

Iconic glass bottle is a perfect, thirst-quenching choice in a pack of 4 x 330ml bottles.

Takashi Murakami’s signature smiling flowers and characters, Kaikai and Kiki, bring an extra pop of colour and joy to the iconic green PERRIER® bottles.

Takashi Murakami is the latest artist to have fun restyling the iconic and vibrant PERRIER® brand.

A new vibrant collaboration with renowned artist Takashi Murakami, inspired by the colourful universe of the artist and the pop cultural spirit of PERRIER®.


An exclusive, limited edition of bottles and cans, with the unique designs of Takashi Murakami and his famous flowers and characters: Kaikai and Kiki.


Screen printed glass bottles available from October 2020. Classic glass bottles, can and plastic bottles will be launched in early 2021.

The PERRIER® x MURAKAMI collaboration continues the long-standing creative relationship between PERRIER® and great artists. For over a century, PERRIER® has collaborated with some of the world’s most famous and distinguished artists, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac, Carlu and Jean-Gabriel Domergue.



Drawing from traditional Japanese painting, sci-fi, anime, and the global art market, 

Murakami creates paintings, sculptures, and films populated by repeated motifs and 

mutating characters of his own creation. His wide-ranging work embodies an intersection of 

pop culture, history, and fine art.


Murakami has held solo exhibitions at major art institutions around the globe and is widely 

known for his high-profile projects with fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and VANS, as 

well as collaborations with musicians such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. He also 

directs and produces films and animation.


Murakami earned a BA, MFA, and PhD from Tokyo University of the Arts, where he studied 

nihonga (traditional Japanese painting). In 1996, he established the Hiropon Factory, a 

studio/workshop that in subsequent years grew into an art production and artist 

management company, now known as Kaikai Kiki Co. Ltd


PERRIER® Since 1863

Help! It was a British invasion – well, just one Brit, and some 60 years before the actual British Invasion, but still a very important turn of events. Sir John Harmsworth, the brother of successful and very wealthy English newspaper magnates, met Dr. Perrier while studying French near Les Bouillens. In a quick hello, goodbye Harmsworth bought the source, renamed it PERRIER® as homage to the doctor, and began bottling the water in its distinctive green bottles. PERRIER®, the drink, was now destined to be here, there and everywhere.

Keep calm, and PERRIER® on ­­– the water from the south of France captivated Britain. This was a crowning achievement as PERRIER® was a symbol of Franco-British unity with its added value Royal Warrant, By Appointment to His Majesty the King ­– talk about the royal treatment.

The competitors just didn’t have the sparkle they were looking for ­– but PERRIER® did. In 1908 at the Franco-British Exhibition, PERRIER® lived up to its elite image by winning the Grand Prix des Eaux Minérales Vente de l'Année, after selling 5 million bottles in England and its colonies. Yet the so French bubbles were still better known in London, Delhi, and Singapore and were not yet champs...Élysée ­in Paris – a paradoxical situation that would soon change.

It was time to break the French market like a tasty baguette ­– full force, but with a sophisticated touch. To do so, the Vergèze bottling plant went all out by reorganizing itself and doubling in size, all while promoting Perrier’s classy image as the champagne of table waters. The carbonated mineral water soon became synonymous with elegance, joy, and celebration in France. All these characteristics were one of a kind for carbonated mineral water, and ultimately what led the little green bottle to break through its homeland’s tough crust.