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RED OCTOPUS Dead Sea Salts 500g

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RED OCTOPUS is an artisanal brand specialising in

introducing the epitome of pure,

skin health products.


Skin is the largest organ of the body,

and RED OCTOPUS products help to ensure

it is kept in the best condition it can be,

as pollution encapsulates the

very air that we breath.

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea

(Hebrew: Yam ha-melah)

is a salt lake bordered by

Jordan to the East and

Israel to the West.

At 423 metres below

sea level, it is the earth's

lowest elevation on land.

RED OCTOPUS Dead Sea salt

is of the finest quality

with no additives.



Add 250g to warm bath water,

and relax for a minimum of

15 minutes to appreciate the

benefits of this natural &

beneficial bath soak.

Rich in essential therapeutic

minerals, ions & marine extracts.


Cruelty free|vegan|gmo free

gluten & nut free|no fillers

no added colours or fragrance

Not to be taken internally


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