Olio da Bagno – Olive Bath Oil

WHAT IS IT: Non-soapy lather free detergent

WHO IS IT FOR: For dry skin types

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: Pour 1-2 teaspoons of oil in running bath water.

What make Santa Maria Novella’s Olio da Bagno so special is that it is a soap free detergent that cleanses and removes dirt from skin without depleting the skins natural oils.

Olio da Bagno has no alkanolamides or any other foaming agents so is ideal for sensitive skins not able to use conventional soaps.

Olio da Bagno comes is three fragrances making your bath time even more pleasurable with these handcrafted aromatics.





Tree moss Extract – Antiseptic

Olive Oil - Hydrating, nourishing, antioxidant

Linalool – Fragrance


Tocopherol – Vitamin E, stabilizing ingredient, antioxidant


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