Santa Maria Novella

S.M.Novella Calendula Cream 100ml

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Crema Calendula – Calendula Cream

WHAT IS IT: Hydrating Cream for the face

WHO IS IT FOR: All skin types and all seasons

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: Massage half a teaspoon into cleansed and toned skin until completely absorbed. Use morning and evening.


The potency and decadence of the ingredients in Crema Calendula is what makes this hydrating cream so special. Calendula is a flower also known as Marigold and grows in the Mediterranean as well as parts of Asia and is very medicinal. This cream nourishes and hydrates the skin yet is light in weight.



 Calendula – Anti Inflammatory, soothing

Rosemary - Hydrating, Anti–septic, Anti-Inflammatory

Almond Oil – Rich in vitamin E, fatty acid

Shea Butter – Hydrating, softening, helps natural collagen production

Jojoba – Softening, vitamin E, assist with quick absorption

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