Dentifricio Fior d’Iris – Iris Toothpaste

WHAT IS IT: Toothpaste

WHO IS IT FOR: For everyone

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: Apply toothpaste onto toothbrush, brush teeth as usual. Rinse mouth with water and repeat with SMN Mouthwash

Dentifricio fior d’Iris has a fresh mint and spicy flavor, it does not contain abrasive synthetic powders. It prevents plaque build and is refreshing as well has deodorizing on the breath.



 Iris Powder – Purifying

Sodium Bicarbonate – Plaque removal, whitening

Clove Oil – Relieves toothache 

Peppermint – Antiseptic, soothing on gums

Propolis Wax – Prevents dental cavities, disinfectant


PAIR THIS PRODUCT WITH: Alcool di Menta – Mouthwash


This item is not currently available to purchase online, to purchase please contact our stores for more information and to purchase:
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