Santa Maria Novella

S.M.Novella Neige Cream 50ml

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Crema Neige – Neige Cream

WHAT IS IT: Hydrating Cream for the face

WHO IS IT FOR: Winter Hydration – Harsh elements

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: Massage half a teaspoon into cleansed and toned skin until completely absorbed. Crema Neige is ideal for morning use

Crema Neige is a protective cream perfect for even the most delicate, fragile and sensitive skin types. It has wonderful barrier properties making it ideal for winter elements including wind and snow. Cream Neige is also recommended for children.

Crema Neige can be re-applied throughout day as required



Beeswax – Forms protective barrier, hydrating

Malva Extract – Decongestant, emollient

Chamomile – Calming, prevents irritation from harsh elements

Rosemary – Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Septic, hydrating


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