Santa Maria Novella

S.M.Novella Nourishing Night Oil 50ml

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Olio Nutriente Notte – Nutrient Night Serum

WHAT IS IT: A concentratednighttime facial treatment

WHO IS IT FOR: Dry dehydrated skin, skin in need of extra nutrients

HOW TO USE PRODUCT:  Dispense one pump onto palm of hand, glide product over face and neck, pat dry into skin


This is a beauty serum with functional ingredients, which are highly emollient and moisturizing for dry damaged skin. The formula is paraben free softens and improves elasticity, which is an important aid in contrasting the formation of wrinkles. This is a nighttime nutrient as the name suggests but can also be used as a daytime treatment for dry distressed skin 2-3 times a week along with evening use.



Wheat Germ Oil – Vitamin E, nourishing

Macadamia Oil – Omega 7 fatty acid, aids skin recovery

Vitamin E – Fights off free radicals, antioxidant

Vitamin F – Nourishing, antioxidant

Pollen Extract – Anti-aging, moisturizing, fatty acid

Vitamin A – Antioxidant, increases blood flow leading to collagen renewal


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