Acqua di Fiori d’Arancio – Orange Blossom Water

WHAT IS IT: Facial Toner
All skin types

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: This tonic can be used a number of ways and for different purposes.


Dispense onto a cotton pad and spread tonic all over the face, neck and eyes to remove residue from skin not removed from cleansing. This deep cleanses and tones the skin adding light hydration; the product also softens the skin and preps the skin for the next step of applying a hydrating cream. Acqua di Fiori d’Arancio is also beneficial for soothing irritated or reddened skin.

Acqua di Fiori d’Arancio can be used in the bath to scent bath water and moisten skin.



Acqua di Fiori d’Arancio is alcohol free

Bitter Orange – Anti septic 

Citrus Aurantium Oil - Improves texture & reduces scaring

Water – Hydration Preservative in replacement of parabens

Benzyl Benzoate – This is unique in Acqua di Fiori d’Arancio as it is an effective topical ingredient that the monks chose to use to treat scabies, asthma and whooping cough. This was used as a very important medicinal product in family households.


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