Crema Viso Protettiva – Protective Face Cream

WHAT IS IT: ProtectiveHydrating Cream for the face

WHO IS IT FOR: Normal/Drydelicate skin, skin with signs of redness

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: Massage half a teaspoon into cleansed and toned skin until completely absorbed.

Crema Viso Protettiva is a SPF 15 and protects against sun, wind and smog, Crema Viso Protettiva also helps symptoms of rosacea.


Why choose Crema Viso Protettiva rather than Crema Neige? The main point of difference between the two products is: Crema Viso Protettiva is a sunblock, daily use and caters for red rosacea in skin. Crema Neige in more elemental focused for use when in extreme conditions.



Bisabolol – An essential oil from Chamomile, delicate and soothing

Cluster Pine Extract – Protective

Vitamin E - Protects cell membranes and an antioxidant

Helianthus Annus Seed Oil – extracted from sunflowers, prevents moisture loss and dry skin from flaking



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