Deodorante al profumo di Rosa – Rosa Deodorant for Cats & Dogs

WHAT IS IT: Deodorizing spray for Cats and dogs

WHO IS IT FOR: Cats all skin and coat types

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: Spray 2-3 times on clean coat spread against the direction of hair growth with hands.


Whether or not to use deodorants on animals has always been controversial. In fact, the use of unsuitable products can seriously disturb your pet’s olfactory system. This deodorant is recommended for cats that live mostly in doors and in close contact with people. It is water based and perfumes the coat delicately and without irritating the skin or bothering your cat.


Deodorante al profumo di Rosa is alcohol free and recommended for use every 2 weeks.



 Rose Water – Deodorizing, moisturizes, emollient, softening

Potassium Sorbate – Natural preservative 

PAIR THIS PRODUCT WITH: Schiuma Detrgente senza risciacquo and Shampoo Delicato



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