Santa Maria Novella

S.M. Novella Shaving Cream 220ml

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Crema da Barba – Shave Cream

WHAT IS IT: Traditional shave cream for the face

WHO IS IT FOR: All skin types

HOW TO USE PRODUCT: Massage on cleansed face with shave brush until lathered into foam. After shaving rinse face with warm water.


Crema da Barba allows for a close shave without aggravating the skin with ingredients enhanced with anti-inflammatory properties, skin is left softened, hydrated and comforted.



Coconut Oil – Softens skin, fatty acids, creates protective shield

Menthol – Refreshing, soothing

Eucalyptus – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

Allantoin – Anti-Irritant, protectant


PAIR THIS PRODUCT WITH: Emulsione Analcolica contro il fuoco del rasoio  - Post Shave Milk



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