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THE OLFACTORY #1 Luxe Giftbox 15ml

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Trinty - Luxe GIFTBOX


Pure luxurious indulgence. One sleek 15ml glass atomisers with a sustainable bamboo case to protect the one you're using.  Repurpose the box in the bedroom, bathroom or office later. Important note: Spray perfume on skin and hair rather than clothing. Some pure extracts will stain fabric … please be aware.


 NO. 1 

This fragrance is heady and playful. High notes of Jasmine and Pink Grapefruit open the Mind to new possibilities. Dewy Sandalwood brings a calm, grounding element to the dream, and Black Pepper adds a touch of intrigue. This scent is empowering and affirming. 

PINK GRAPEFRUIT  Therapeutic properties: Nearly all therapeutic-grade citrus essential oils are capable of helping lower inflammation and increasing blood flow. The blood vessel-dilating effects of grapefruit are useful as a natural remedy for PMS cramps, headaches, bloating, fatigue and muscle pains. Psychotherapeutic properties: Uplifting, relaxing & empowering

BLACK PEPPER  Therapeutic properties: Antiseptic, analgesic, tonic. Psychotherapeutic properties: Helps to 'get a move on', assists when 'life feels stuck'

JASMINE ABSOLUTE & JASMINE SAMBAC  Therapeutic properties: Aphrodisiac, releases male/female sexual energy, assists childbirth, anti-depressant, sedative. Psychotherapeutic properties: Liberates imagination, releases inhibitions, develops exhilarating playfulness

YLANG YLANG Therapeutic properties: Aphrodisiac, assists high blood pressure & palpitations, anti-depressant. Psychotherapeutic properties: Inhibits anger born of frustration, euphoric, uplifting

SANDALWOOD Therapeutic properties: Anti-depressant. Psychotherapeutic properties:  Used in many Ayurvedic & Chinese modalities for medicinal & spiritual calming effects, centering