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THE OLFACTORY #2 Luxe Giftbox 15ml

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Pure luxurious indulgence. Three sleek 15ml glass atomisers with a sustainable bamboo case to protect the one you're using.  Repurpose the box in the bedroom, bathroom or office later. Important note: Spray perfume on skin and hair rather than clothing. Some pure extracts will stain fabric … please be aware.


NO. 2

This fragrance is spicy and complex. Rich notes of Oudh and Cedarwood create an emanating warmth, while notes of Osmanthus and Vetiver strike a syrupy balance between caramel and wood.  Topped with a lively sprinkle of Lemongrass and Angelica seed this scent is designed to promote physical and emotional intimacy. Contains aphrodisiacs.

LEMONGRASS Therapeutic properties: Assists indigestion, muscular pain, poor circulation, fevers, nervous exhaustion, stress related conditions. Psychotherapeutic properties: Letting go fear, lifting sorrow

ANGELICA SEED  Therapeutic properties: Praised for its virtues since antiquity, it strengthens the heart, stimulates circulation & our immune system, assists female hormone disorders. Psychotherapeutic properties: Fortifies the spirit and has a reputation second only to ginseng

ROSEWOOD  Therapeutic properties: Stimulant for immune system, antimicrobial, aphrodisiac, assists nervous tension, stress-related conditions. Psychotherapeutic properties: Emotional rebalance

OSMANTHUS  Therapeutic properties: Anti-oxidant, anti-allergic. Psychotherapeutic properties: Assists mood swings, relieves mental stress & depression, anti-anxiety

GERANIUM  Therapeutic properties: Assists with menstrual or menopausal imbalance. Psychotherapeutic properties: Relieves anxiety & depression, assists mood swings

LAVENDER  Therapeutic properties: Regarded as the most versatile essence therapeutically. Assists vertigo, shock, migraine, PMT, insomnia. Psychotherapeutic properties: Assists depression and stress related conditions

ELEMI  Therapeutic properties: Fortifying stimulant, assists nervous exhaustion. Psychotherapeutic properties: Calming

VETIVER  Therapeutic properties: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, increases production of red corpuscles. Psychotherapeutic properties: Deep relaxant, anti-anxiety

OUDH (AGARWOOD)  Psychotherapeutic properties: Used in spiritual rituals to calm, centre and relax the mind Fixative

CEDARWOOD (AVOID DURING PREGNANCY)  Therapeutic properties:  Sedative (nervous), stimulant (circulatory). Psychotherapeutic properties: Assists nervous tension & stress related disorders

GUAIACWOOD Therapeutic properties: Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, Fixative

SANDALWOOD Therapeutic properties: Anti-depressant. Psychotherapeutic properties: Used in many Ayurvedic & Chinese medicines for its medicinal & spiritual calming properties