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THE OLFACTORY #3 Luxe Giftbox 15ml

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Pure luxurious indulgence. Three sleek 15ml glass atomisers with a sustainable bamboo case to protect the one you're using.  Repurpose the box in the bedroom, bathroom or office later. Important note: Spray perfume on skin and hair rather than clothing. Some pure extracts will stain fabric … please be aware.



NO. 3

A fresh and lively fragrance to relieve anxiety, assist moodswings and restore the soul.. Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon and Lime clear the air, while a base of Violet Leaf and Orris Butter bring a relaxed and soothing readiness for change.

GREEN MANDARIN Therapeutic properties: Assists digestive problems, fluid retention, acne, stretch marks. Psychotherapeutic properties: Assists insomnia, nervous tension & restlessness

PETITGRAIN MANDARIN Therapeutic properties: Antiseptic, deodorant & digestive tonic. Psychotherapeutic properties: Insomnia, nervous exhaustion & stress related conditions

BERGAMOT Therapeutic properties: Anti-depressant, parasiticide, assists immune system, infectious diseases. Psychotherapeutic properties: Refreshing, uplifting quality, assisting anxiety & depression

CLARY SAGE Therapeutic properties: Assists depression moodiness & lack of confidence. Also assists frigidity, impotence & migraine. Psychotherapeutic properties: Assists nervous tension & stress related disorders

VETIVER Therapeutic properties: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, increases production of red corpuscles. Psychotherapeutic properties: Deep relaxant, anti-anxiety

LEMON Therapeutic properties: Considered something of a 'cure all' especially with regard to infectious illness. Assists poor circulation & high blood pressure. Psychotherapeutic properties: Tonic

LIME Therapeutic properties: Restorative, tonic. Psychotherapeutic properties: Restorative

GALBANUM Therapeutic properties: Assists cramp, flatulence, indigestion, nervous tension & treating wounds. Psychotherapeutic properties: Restorative, tonic

ROSEMARY (AVOID DURING PREGNANCY) Therapeutic properties: Assists respiratory & circulatory disorders, good for colds & flu, liver congestion. Psychotherapeutic properties: Assists mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion & stress related conditions

VIOLET LEAF Therapeutic properties: Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, laxative, mild pain killing properties. Psychotherapeutic properties: Believed to comfort & strengthen the heart

ORRIS BUTTER (AVOID DURING PREGNANCY) Therapeutic properties: Employed for bronchitis, coughs, hoarseness, chronic diarrhoea & congested headaches. Psychotherapeutic properties: Assists moodswings and stress