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Vol.1 Awkward T Blackish - Unisex

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I am Volume number one....
I am a plain T-shirt. 
I am in the shape of the letter 'T' so I call myself a T-Shirt. You've seen lots like me before and you'll probably see lots like me again.
I am 100% combed cotton and mid-weight, so don't squeeze my love handles.
I am dark and moody and highly emotional - so i only wear black.
I am quiet and house trained but do make things awkward - so you may be a little creeped out wearing me, but you'll get over it.

(XS) Extra Small - Body Width 45.5cm /  Length 63.5cm
(S) Small - Body Width 48cm / Length 64.5cm
(M) Medium - Body Width 50.5cm / 65.5cm
(L) Large - Body Width 56.5cm / 78.5cm
(XL) Xtra Large - Body Width 61cm / 82cm
(XXL) Double Extra Large - Body Width 64cm / 83.5cm