WORLD WAW1703 Tondo Slim Turtle Neck Aqua

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If there is one thing WORLD is known for it is to expect the unexpected.

The Nonconformist AW17 collection draws inspiration from history’s most rebellious mavericks by taking cue from those who have broken molds and changed the way we think. From Civil Rights Activists to Women’s Equality Campaigners, these were the people who knew when to stand up when it counted. This collection dares you to break out of your shell, nonconforming to the norm and mix fabrications like stripes, fur and metallic as one!


The WORLD Tondo Slim Turtle Neck is a slim fit light weight merino silk turtle neck pull over jersey. This garment adds a pop of colour when layering under dresses, shirts and waistcoats. Try pairing this with our Nonconformist Pleat Pant Bluestripe!