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Royal Fern

The perfect symbiosis of nature and modern anti-aging cell research.

 WORLD are proud to introduce a revolutionary skincare line to add to the WORLD Beauty collections and the skincare offering - Royal Fern.

Founded by Dr. Timm Golueke of Germany descent and one of the most renowned dermatologists in the world, Royal Fern have discovered and patented the Royal Fern Complex. This is a unique complex that comprises the photoactive properties of the fern plant creating a skincare series that has a perfect harmony of nature and modern anti-aging cell research.

 At the core of Royal Ferns innovatory skin care series is the humble fern; a plant with exceptional properties. The fern has perfectly adapted to the earth’s changing state for over 400 million years. Ferns were the first plants that came from the sea and developed on land. Furthermore, ferns are evergreen, act as a natural moisture reserve in forests and are highly resistant to sunlight.

 This adaptability and resistance to multiple environmental influences logically lead Dr. Golueke and his team to research the fern for anti-aging properties to use in cosmetics. Both international and independent scientific studies show that fern extracts contain valuable substances which positively influence all the signs intrinsic (genetic) and extrinsic (environment) skin aging. It is also proven that fern extracts protect the skin’s sensitive cell DNA and concurrently protect the skin against light-induced skin aging, stimulate the production of new collagen and prevent the reduction of existing collagen and elastin.

The ferns vast antioxidant potential ensures that existing skin damage is repaired and new damage is prevented. That is, the reduction of any skin pigmentation provides for a smoother complexion. The fern extract also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects making Royal Fern’s skincare the perfect antidote to stressed aged skin.

Royal Fern Skincare Series is not only comprised of the Royal Fern Complex but also uses seeds from the African Voacanga tree, wild rose blossoms, sea buckthorn and UV light reflecting mineral oxides to form a powerhouse of natural substances. Royal Fern also combine hyaluronic acid, vitamin C from the Acerola cherry, vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E, flavonoids, macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter in their products.

Royal Fern have a range comprising of an anti-aging cleansing balm, serum, eye-cream and face cream. These products encapsulate the liposomes of the valuable Royal Fern Complex and take effect where the skin really needs by penetrating down to the deeper skin layers. Royal Fern recommend combining their skincare range for maximum skin regeneration. The deferred release of minerals over the course of 12 hours ensures that the skin is provided with long-lasting protection.

WORLD is excited to welcome Royal Fern’s modern and pioneering skincare series, join us in store and online to learn more and test the products.



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