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WORLD Womenswear

Since 1989 WORLD has been privately owned and loved.
WORLD continues to create limited hand-made fashion collections and haute-couture garments all year round. All pieces in this collection have been made in New Zealand by hand using fabrications and notions sourced internationally. 

  • $649.00

    WORLD 5583 Belle Dress

    LIMITED EDITION OF 10 Style: Cut from a one-of-a-kind pleated tulle lace. A shirt styled over-dress, roomy and relaxed this gracious piece is a lay...

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  • $499.00

    WORLD 5070A R&R Dress

    Style: Cami Styled Slip Dress, cut from a one of a kind silk twill print, allowing draping and an easy elegant wear. Fabric: 100% Silk Twill Fit: R...

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  • $349.00

    WORLD 5575 Gonzaga Blouse

    Style: Button-up standing collar shirt style cut from a soft-touch, lightweight cotton knit. With a draping feel this piece has a frilled skirt ban...

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  • $489.00

    WORLD 5572 Gonzaga Trouser

    Style: Dress up, high-waisted pleated  yet tapered trouser with cuff. Cut from a luscious light-weight deep chocolate with a subtle check.  Fabric:...

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  • $469.00

    WORLD 5573 Gonzaga Skirt

    Style: Shaped and tailored pencil skirt in a lightweight wool check. Fabric: Wool Fit: High Waisted Pencil shape with a slight tulip at the hem Th...

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  • $469.00

    WORLD 5571 Boulanger Skirt

    A tulip-shaped skirt that sits high on the waist and adds an elegant curve through the length of the skirt which finishes at the calf. Cut from a l...

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  • $799.00

    WORLD 5565 Ege Coat Red

    Style: A shirt-styled relaxed wool coat. An unlined and button-up slouched piece with an exaggerated shirt collar and cuff. Fabric: Wool Fit: Relax...

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  • $849.00

    WORLD 5576 Caccini Blazer

    LIMITED EDITION to 14 GARMENTSStyle: A Lace Blazer. Starting from WORLD's icon Blazer shape and style this unstructured, tailored yet delicate piec...

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  • $199.00

    WORLD 5006C Flap T-Shirt

    Style: Dress up T-Shirt with abstract wings print in bright patterns on a slinky stretch cream base cloth. Fabric: Poly Stretch Knit Fit: Slim-shap...

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