Strange Hooper Castles Ltd. T/A WORLD takes our responsibility as an employer, manufacturer and retailer extremely seriously.

Each and every product sold within our WORLD stores clearly states the country of origin and manufacture, and our suppliers are regularly audited to ensure our policies and practices are adhered to.

We are a Child Labour Free (CLF) organisation, and believe every individual has the right to a safe and regulated working environment.

The vast majority of our garments are designed and manufactured in New Zealand, employing locals, be it in-house, or machinist mums/dads working whilst the children are at school. The artisans who produce garments that carry the WORLD label, are the best available.

All our garments are quality checked in-house, and garment applications are applied by hand in New Zealand, to ensure the garments you receive are of exceptional quality.

All our scrap fabric from the end of each seasons production cycle, are donated to primary schools, children's hospitals and IHC Art Centres for collage and art use, we believe in recycling rather than landfill.

We import a variety of products from selected suppliers.
Candles, perfumes and object d'art, exclusive to WORLD, from companies with historic provenance. Selected skincare ranges, plus a wide spectrum of coffee table books, in fact anything that grabs our attention that we want to invite our customers to explore!

WORLD is committed to undertaking and maintaining business practises consistent with the principles and core subjects of
ISO 26000. We are very proud of who we are, and what we have achieved since our inception in Auckland in 1989.

Should you have any questions regarding garments or products, please do not hesitate to email us at