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WORLD Spring Summer 2014/2015 - Our inspiration...

Inspired by four very different films, set across four unique cities, in four different time periods - WORLD's Spring Summer 2014/15 Collection is a delightful colliding of effortless elegance with ample attitude!

Hand crafted tailoring with refined and nuanced details make WORLD’s spring suiting and evening wear a genteel proposition.  By using blacks, whites and greys in sharp and dizzying contrasts it gives the mood, of this more formal attire, a cultured fun and frivolity.  The Director Federico Fellini was a stylist and this dazzling film has inspired WORLD to play in black & white throughout this extended suiting story. There are essentially 3 interchangeable suits for work or play; being Grey Tweed, Ivory Floral and Textured Black, offering a seamless interchange and a number of different fits and cuts for a variety of body shapes. There are a mixture of shirts and tops to finish the suits with continued contrast and texture, be sure to also mix with the pastel story as there are some fabulous combinations to be made.
There are also some gorgeous evening and event pieces in this portion of the collection, offering picturesque options for summer cocktail parties, weddings and the like. With the contrast of gold breaking the monotone these occasion pieces along with elements of the suiting pieces are the perfect way to dress up for the summer.

By forcing Navy into Gold, the chic and romantic Parisian playfulness is explored and reworked employing vintage shapes, with a wholly contemporary feel by letting the courtly elegance of texture and tone become a slave to the silhouette across suits, blouses and cocktail dresses.  Working from the mood and historical period as well as the Francis Bacon references in the film, we have been inspired to reinvent vintage with a modern luxuriousness. Crafting a concise suiting story of either textural navy or gold shine, both are readily mixable, there are some fabulously easy readymade silhouettes within this story. Keeping a slim but shapely line the suits and separates feel formal but have an effortless elegance. Note also the shape defining and slimming details that will make these outfits even more pleasurable to wear. These contrasted panels are then taken to the extreme with the layered laser cut pieces that are delicate couture pieces, yet oh so simple to wear.
Let the navy be a crisp summer base tone and allow the golds, whites, beige tones to sparkle and juxtapose in a dynamic way. With great options for the formal work place that can then be taken directly out into an evening of enjoyment, these outfits make sense for the modern busy woman who needs functional elegance. Hats are a fabulous accessory to play in this story and will come through when the sun comes out!

YEAR: 1981
Streets of pastels with bright and bold prints flood these casual separates. Juxtapositions of jeans and futuristic shapes give these individual pieces a cohesion through attitude. Expressed with exaggeration and humour, forward thinking fashion is evident throughout the summer coats, tops and street suits. Downtown 8a is a little known, only recently released, film starring a young and nomadic Jean Michel Basquiat and a dream like underworld fairy Queen played by Blondie’s Debbie Harry ( who has shopped at WORLD on High St...some time ago). It is more like a dream than a story and tells a tale of the lower east side counter culture.
WORLD took this inspiration as a tough but ironic palette of pastels and denims, with bright tones and grunge-like attitude. There is also a sort of fantasy, Sci-Fi or futurist nature to this part of the collection as we re-interpret the 1980’s in our future! Whilst there is a suit, we love to break these pieces up and make them dressed up street wear for the directional fashion woman, also be sure to mix back with some of the more classic colours in the collection. These garments are cultured by the early 80’s on the then excitingly daring streets of NYC, but they should be straight forward outfits to create and be worn with ease and attitude with a brightness for the summer time and a little sexiness too!

FILM: 2046
YEAR: 2046
Denim and Black Crepe builds a vision of relaxed soft suiting intelligently mixed across playful patterns. Graceful and earnest, the everyday luxuriousness is instantaneous and affable throughout the knit t-shirts and laser cut tops draping over pleated trousers and sneakers.  
2046 is a visionary film by Wong Kai Wai, that has a uniquely kitch-retro-futuristic feeling, not completely unlike some NZ cinema.  We were inspired by its  quirky playfulness and this gave way to an exploration of casual shapes, soft relaxed summer fabrications and combinations that are both nostalgic but also looking forward. Breaking denim on top of denim in classic shapes gives a very iconic sense of denim but the pieces have come through completely refreshed and layered against the soft lyrical crepe, there is a lovely relaxed formality that will suit the summer nicely. Let the brights, prints and shabby chic break up this semblance of a suit, giving the styling a real street appeal leaving this portion of the collection to be playful and free. A fabulous selection of separates to mix through the entire collection to create casual weekend wear and even a relaxed business or work look.

WORLDman is all of these inspirations...he is the Sensitive Dandy, the Emotional Rogue, the Dreaming Artist and the Diligent Intellectual.
The collection offers wonderful tonal juxtapositions and using incredibly unique fabric such as the draping aubergine gabardine or the double sided cotton paisley, there are a host of beautiful silhouettes that can be enjoyed. Go denim on denim with stripe mixing sporty street cool with gentle tailoring or build pattern on pattern and making an ultra-preppy-sailor combination, or go tone on tone with the truffle and aubergine to give a timeless coolness in the shade.  WORLDman like the WORLD Woman's collection offers a wide range of personalities and whilst there are relaxed track trousers, bomber jackets and T’s it is a dress up sensibility that pushes the envelope of masculinity and provides a boldness to manhood that exists in the character of NZ males but needs to be represented on the outside.  
Offering WORLD men the option to cover the more formal suiting opportunities with originality, or the simple jeans and a shirt days, there are numerous solutions to stylishness without fuss or repetition.   
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