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'As gross as this sounds'...Denise has a tip to keep your dentist happy!!!

"Did you know, as gross as this sounds, that saliva pools behind your bottom front teeth, and this is where you are most prone to plaque and tartar build up?"

Denise L'estrange-Corbet WORLD Co-Founder and Director has an unusual interest in those stories that may make your stomach turn...but for those of you with a strong constitution-listen up!!!



"Flossing after every meal is great for keeping plaque and tartar at bay, but brushing with Marvis toothpaste is a must.  Originating in Italy, it is THE toothpaste for the discerning.  It comes in 7 flavours from Classic Strong mint, ginger mint, jasmin mint, to whitening mint, Aquatic mint, Amarelli Licorice and Cinnamon mint!  Very dense and not too sharp, it is a toothpaste that you want people to see in the bathroom!  

Now, for a horror story, read on, if not, click off.
I visit my dental hygienist every 6 months, and on one visit, asked her for the worst story, (I have a weird passion for gross stories), and she told me that some people only brush the teeth that you can see!  
For some reason, they think if you cannot see them, when talking or smiling, they do not need cleaning, and often they never brush the back of their teeth, but the worst one was, the gentleman that had NEVER brushed the back of his teeth.
She said when he opened his mouth she was nearly thrown to the other side of the room as his breath was so bad.
The reason was that the plaque and tartar had build up over the years, and now covered the complete inside of the bottom teeth like a mouth plate!  She had to dig it out, and she said when it came out, which it did in one piece with a mighty 'plop' sounds, it was the shape of his bottom dentures, and it was a thick, cream coloured piece of plaque, that had covered and rotted in his mouth, imagine plaster of Paris!  Get to WORLD Beauty and invest in Marvis!, shudder!"
WORLD Beauty has also just released exclusively in NZ Aesop's Mouthwash, so be sure to join us in store for the sake of your Dentist!!!
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