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Denise ponders...a wonderful and weird couple of weeks...

'I was invited to the World of Wearable Arts in Wellington on the Awards night, and as usual it was incredible. A cacophony of colour and music, and incredible outfits. I judged with the iconic English Designer, Zandra Rhodes 15 years ago, in the packing shed in Nelson, when Dame Suzie Moncrieff's mum made and brought in our morning and afternoon tea in Tupperware containers, and what a long way they have come since then.
Suzie's Damehood was so well deserved, to come up with an unusual idea, to believe in it and grow it over 25 years is phenomenal, when it becomes part of the New Zealand's psyche is phenomenal.   WOW now runs for 3 weeks in Wellington, 5 days a week, and the amount of visitors and revenue it brings to the city is astounding, retail, hospitality, taxis, hotels, a big thank you Dame Suzie!
The entrants also need a mention, as without their astonishing ideas and garments there would be no show, and not much astounds me, but the work and perfection of these items certainly do.
Last Sunday was the Herald on Sundays 10th Birthday party held at the Maritime Museum, great time was had by all, feeling old now as I cannot believe it is 10 years!
Then this week Miley Cyrus hits towns, literally.  I am told her mother is her manager and travels with her all the time, which I find even more disturbing, considering, according to the an article printed in the Herald, that Miley encouraged girls to get their 'titties' out! Say what?  How old is the average Miley fan, 10? what person in their right mind would tell girls so impressionable, and for some reason, who hang onto your every word to do that?  Now, I know this sort of behaviour has made quite a few desperate women stars, Kim K became famous for her porn movie, but really, is that it? Is that what you want to be known for?  I hope not.
Miley, take your twerking, your sponge finger gloves, your high cut leotards which just about cut you in half, and head off back to where you came from, you are an embarrassment to women.'
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