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Tie me up, bow me down....

In 2012 we made a T-Shirt that was one part fashion, one part educational.

Upon this casual Raglan Sleeve T there was a point to point instruction on how to tie a bow tie.  WORLDman has long been a pioneer of the bow and you can pick up a little more on the history of the bow at an earlier blog posting here: ( ).
Many of the Bow Ties we have produced are of the pre-tied variety, a snob will tell you that you should only wear a bow that you tie yourself...we aren't snobs, and we believe that any way a man can feel confident in dressing up is an exceptionally positive thing.  

However, there is always room in any man's arsenal of attire to add to the skill if you didn't get the T-Shirt and you were schooled at the 'other' place - if you know your 'Withnail and I' quotes - and if you are so inclined, we have put together a selection of video's from on the line, to lend a hand...if they don't help, make an appointment and pop in to see one of our experts, or just get your hands on one of our pre-tied bows and look pretty!!! ( )





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