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The quintessence of land and time. Of sensuality and emotion. Of French know-how and art de vivre...

The quintessence of land and time. Of sensuality and emotion. Of French know-how and art de vivre...

Oh...the French know how to tell a story, but more importantly, they know how to impart history and luxury, intertwined in something you can only WORLD Beauty!!!  Learn more about Frapin...

Tucked away at the heart of Grande Champagne, the most prestigous area in Cognac, lies an estate that has lived and breathed the vine for centuries. As a tribute to her grandfather Pierre Frapin, Béatrice Cointreau has decided to recreate the intimate feel of her childhood home with a collection of memory-invoking fragrances redolent of the warmth, fruit, flowers, dens, attics and simple pleasures of childhood that coloured the soul of the family estate. The Domaine has passed from generation to generation, prospering since 1270. In 1697, the family received its coat of arms from Louis XIV, the Sun King. In 1885, Pierre Frapin founded the firm as we know it today. The family still grows, harvests, distils and ages its cognacs in the traditional way to this day. 

Since 1270, the artisanal, family-owned Frapin has been refining its methods of producing cognac, controlling each step of the process to approach and underline the relationship between two exceptional crafts, Frapin have decided to offer scents inspired by our cognacs, their history and their land.

For the house of Frapin, design and realize perfume is an opportunity to flourish senses and plunge into a world charged with emotions. Their perfume tells a story of a French passion for quality, art de vivre and tradition. Timeless and made of the best raw materials, traditional knowledge and the love of the beautiful and good. After all, the quintessence of luxury is taking time to create beauty. And enjoy it.


Their scents, produced on a small scale to preserve their outstanding quality, are offered in streamlined bottles topped with beech wood caps sculpted by a master craftsman, a reference to the fact that it is the wood of casks, as much as the grape, which imparts its flavour to cognac…
In order to revive the tradition that has always made the prestige and originality of French fragrance,Frapin afford their perfumers the freedom to express their style fully, while drawing their inspiration from a novel source: their cognacs.


Like the production of their cognacs, the composition of their fragrances is about giving time to time. Time for developing finely-honed skills over the centuries. Time for sourcing and selecting the most beautiful raw materials. Time for showcasing their richness in the most sophisticated compositions.


The first perfume in their collection was conceived as a tribute to the origins of the Frapin family, who settled in the Charente in 1270. This fragrance is a distillation of gourmand pleasures that will turn your skin into a sensuous feast.

Pour en savoir plus…
Re-orchestrated by Sidonie Lancesseur, its warm-hued palette runs from golden pineapple to candied orange, ambery raisins, purple prunes and russet hazelnuts to the roasted duskiness of cocoa and coffee. Facets of vanilla and smoky guaiac wood evoke an outbreak of vine branches in the fireplace...

Olfactory pyramid:
Top: Candied orange, Nuts, Raisins, Prunes, Cocoa, Tonka bean, Cofee.
Heart: Vine flowers, Everlasting flowers, Linden, Pepper, Spices.
Base: Precious woods, Gaiac wood, White honey, Vanilla.

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Williamrom - June 5, 2016

I really like and appreciate your forum.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on… Zahradka

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