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Sunny Weekends when you don't go shopping can lead to new, unexpected experiences...

Denise is a talented woman with a variety skills and experiences.  On weekends we, at WORLD, usually only advise shopping, sometimes travel and shopping or eating before or after shopping...but mainly shopping.  Perhaps we might suggest reading a book, 'The Goldfinch' was good, the movie 'The Great Beauty' was incredibly inspiring...but form time to time, as fashion designers and curators of fine retail experiences, we might be lead out of our comfort zones.  Below is the experience of one such instance in the life and times of Denise L'Estrange-Corbet - in the office we are discussing which jewellery was worn and if a tiara was involved in the below?  

'Have never been into gardening, or being out in the sun frying myself, but as the weather was so incredible this weekend, I decided I would actually venture down into the depths of our garden as I had bought a bottle of 'weed and feed' for the lawn, as I thought it could do with a bit of both!

It was one of those fancy bottles that you just 'attach to your garden hose, and voila'! Well, it took me a while to work out how it all went together, it is very easy once you have mastered it, but when you have never done it before, the instructions sound complicated.  I much prefer picture instructions to words in this instance, as when it said 'lift the lever' I could not even find a lever, it was hidden!
20 minutes later I had managed to work it out, having traipsed up and down the garden to the water tap, putting it on, off, on, off...
Eventually, all sorted, and I generously watered the garden, I felt almost like a pro, until I got tangled in the metres of hose, and the 'weed and feed' turned itself on me, and I was soaked from head to foot in the stuff. I could not turn it off, as I was caught in the hose, and was fighting with the hose that zig zagged like a snake.   I then remembered why I rarely venture into the garden to do anything more than throw balls for the dogs, its a jungle out there!'
Stay safe, enjoy fashion:

WORLD Couture from Australian Fashion Week 1997 - Currently on display at Auckland Memorial Museum
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