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DENISE vs's a funeral walk off!!!

As mere mortals, fashion designers are at times forced to discuss their mortality...Denise has some pretty set ideas on how it's all going to go for those of us she leaves behind and well it brought to mind Zoolander, so we thought we'd put the two up for a walk-off...


"I asked Francis, whilst we were having a conversation at The Engine Room whilst enjoying their speciality, (which is the Twice Baked Goats Cheese Souffle), whether he wanted to be buried or cremated, ( after he died), and after not much thought, he said 'cremated", I said, " Me too".

However, some people say they do not want people upset and crying at their funeral, they want friends and family to wear bright colours, and have a happy time at the wake", I however want no such thing.

To people reading this who may attend my funeral, I want crying, not weeping, but full on, sobbing into boxes of tissues.
Every single person attending has to wear full black.  Woman have to wear hats, preferably pillbox style, with net fronts and velvet dots stuck to them, smart, black dresses and black high heels. Pearls are acceptable, but they must be natural, this is the only thing that can be worn that is not black, (earrings can match pearls).   Men have to wear complete mourning suits and top hats.
Everyone has to cry at least one bucket each, if you cannot manage this, please don't come!"

Derek probably wouldn't come to Denise's funeral...but if he did he would be allowed to 'Eugoogalise' in this outfit:
if anyone has David Bowie's number so we can get him to adjudicate....
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