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A Christmas Present Denise Didn't Want!!!

Some people might say Fashion Designers are a little picky...but maybe they are just particular.  Denise L'Estrange-Corbet has been described as particular and peculiar and now she's got a beef with Bono...which isn't real particular or peculiar is it?



"Some days achieving just small steps make a huge difference, and today for me that was working out how to delete U2's album (!) that was automatically put onto my itunes account.

Was driving along with my phone plugged in, and I heard a song I knew I had not bought, so checked and found it was U2, a band whose music I have never been attracted to listen to, and I found it a real intrusion on my privacy, as I got to wondering if they can download, not just a song but a whole album onto your phone, what else can they do??
It leaves a lot of unanswered questions, can they, whoever 'they' are put emails and txts on your phone that you have not written?
I managed to delete all the songs, on my own, which was a really proud moment as I am computer and technology illiterate.
Note to Bono, please Keep your music to your fans"
Ok thanks Denise - we'll pass that on, anyone got Bono's number...
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