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A fragrant conversation with Francis Hooper...

WORLD Blog is looking to dig a little deeper into experience that is a WORLD we thought we'd hear from the in store stylists and connoisseurs themselves...who better to start with than the almighty fragrant Francis... 

Francis, today we are going to quickly pick your brains on Fragrance...

What's your current favourite?-
My favourite perfume to wear is CREED's newest creation Ceder Blanc. Its fresh, woody, bold and fruity! Just like me!

Do you ever have to be careful wearing a scent?
Being Asian I do have to be a little careful, I love citrus perfumes, like Acqua di Parma, but citrus don't like Asians! So I stick to my other love - woods, greens and oriental perfumes.
How do you chose which fragrance to wear when?
I'm not really a person that wears or saves something for a special occasion! If I like a perfume, I buy it, I wear that thing all over the place! Having said that I know that if I was going to the Oscars I'd go out and find something new! ( Any reason for a shop!)

Any recent fragrant fun?
I always love it when a customer comes into one of our stores and is blown away buy what we have created here at WORLD Beauty. The perfumes we've collected are so unique and rare that I it is music to my ears when customers enjoy that experience. Recently I had couple from NYC in store and they just immersed themselves in our perfume collection, I told them the stories, who made them, how we found them and the end they bought each other a new scent, one was from an NYC brand - but the story of first owning in NZ, will always make that smell sweeter - so much fun!!!!
What's your scent-tip for the end of the season?
The most alluring scent for me this summer has to be FIG . L'Artisan Perfumer's Premier Fig - is the BOMB!  Sweet and with the sort of punch you need for these hot, humid nights!
If your sense of smell is most closely connected to the memory, what's your trigger?
4711 in a heart beat! It takes me back to growing up in Hong Kong in the 70's with my Grandmother. Happy Days and Afternoon Tea treats!

If you could put anything in a bottle and spray it - what  would it be?
NEW ZEALAND!  That would be the ultimate! Can you imagine the smell...?( working on it as we speak! Shhhhh)

Fragrance like Fashion, is so much about matching to personality, of Batman dropped by the shop what would you spray on his skin? 
Batman is such a biaaaaatch - I'd definitely get him to try on his left wrist - Arquiste's - Aleksandr, because he's a dueller!  On his right it would be - Keiko Mecheri's - Cuir Cordoba all leather and sexy, like the Bat himself....actually scrub everything BATMAN needs Etat Orange d'Libre's  TOM of FINLAND a perfect match, lets hope he kisses Superman!

Thanks Francis...we hope Batman kisses Superman too!
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