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WORLD Wellington Re-Opens!!!


“Having celebrated 25 years in business last year, WORLD, New Zealand’s highly acclaimed and most opinionated fashion house, has now celebrated 24 years in the capital, Wellington, and with this comes a change in format with the opening of its new deluxe store.

Having closed their Victoria Street store in December 2014, work began immediately with the knocking down of walls to incorporate the area next door, which opened this week to reveal a large, airy and magnificent retail space.

The new store at 102 Victoria Street, has now been able to incorporate the WORLD Beauty Store which has moved into the new premises, carrying on WORLD’S original concept.

The opening coincides with WORLD’s winter launch, supplying the perfect backdrop for a directional collection of absorbing geometric detailing and textural nuance.

Large white walls frame the expanded retail environment, and a highly polished charcoal concrete floor floods into an unexpectedly vast area.

The 5 metre high signature colour field wall, a centre piece that established the scale, and climbs from floor to ceiling, uses bold pigment colour blocks, and sits behind the retail serving centre, crowned by a towering floral display, is what immediately draws your eyes upon entering.

Using marble finished cabinetry set in the spacious setting; there is an army of alluring mannequins, all waiting, to show you how to achieve a myriad of looks.

WORLD Beauty is set upon linear white floating shelves allowing Creative Director and Co-Founder, Francis Hooper, to concentrate on precise merchandising, which defines the vision and the extraordinary collection of renowned fragrances, candles and skincare amongst a luxurious selection of objet d’art.

Tall, dark racks that have been accented with bright, yellow legs, seem to sprout nonsensically from the floor and frame the spacious room, where the collection hangs allowing each piece to draw attention to itself.

The changing areas offer a new and private intrigue – four of the six rooms make for functional rooms, hidden by heavy, opulent, deep navy lined velvet curtains, each detailed with French made pom-poms. Each room has furniture made in New Zealand designed by long time WORLD collaborator, David Moreland, in WORLD’s endeavour to keep as much nationally made product as possible.

The two larger changing rooms come with their own racks, armchairs and artworks for the customer to spend time creating new silhouettes with the attentive and renowned WORLD sales stylists.

Of the new look and fresh departure, Director and Co-Founder, Denise L’Estrange-Corbet says: “It is important for WORLD to push boundaries, so we do not always have the same retail concept, we are not a mall, we create fashion and design, it is about change, moving forward, direction, leading and taking risks”.

Francis Hooper adds: “WORLD has brought a real luxury shopping environment to New Zealand where our ideas and experiments can be enjoyed, discovered and experienced”.

WORLD continues to create an unmatched retail experience that has evolved again in this epic Wellington Deluxe Store.

Again they challenge the guests of this unique environ to engage with exquisite selections and challenging fashion, all presented and explored in a way that is without comparison in New Zealand”.


 WORLD Wellington





P: + 64 4 472 1595

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