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Come to the movies with WORLD - Woody Allen's 'Irrational Man'

WORLD is hosting an exclusive and complimentary preview of Woody Allen’s latest film ‘Irrational Man’.
Register your interest by emailing answering the following 3 questions, and you and a friend could be our guests to a private WORLD screening.  Read more below about 'Irrational Man'.

Answer and send these questions to to be in to join us.

My name is:

My favourite Woody Allen film is:

If I were in a Woody Allen film I'd be:


Irrational Man

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and Parker Posey, Irrational Man is a wry, upbeat comedy about a brilliant but tormented philosophy professor in crisis. Abe (Phoenix) arrives at a picturesque Rhode Island College feeling that his life is meaningless. He soon attracts the attention of Rita (Posey), a lonely professor who sees Abe as her escape from an unhappy marriage, and Jill (Stone), a bright student who finds his tortured artistic personality irresistible. Pure chance changes everything for Abe when he overhears a stranger’s tale of woe. Abe sees his opportunity to perform what he believes is a moral act and suddenly his life has purpose. But as Jill begins to uncover the true cause of Abe’s newfound happiness, his perfect plan begins to unravel. Showcasing terrific comedic performances and Woody Allen’s trademark wit, Irrational Man is a playful musing on the fallibility of reason in the face of reality.
This film is rated: M sex scenes & offensive language

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