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WORLD's Inaugural Leather Goods Collection

WORLD’s inaugural leather goods collection includes 3 styles of bag in 3 theme colours and each style has 1 pop colour, in an extremely limited edition.The range reflects WORLD’s aspirational ethos as well as remaining characterful and independent.

The 3 styles are named after each of the cities where WORLD has its flagship retail stores, reflecting that city in the bags design and personality.  Colour being an integral element to the label’s philosophy meant the shades selected were all important. To define the palette WORLD took inspiration from the depths of nature using tones found in the ground or in the ocean such as Coal, Coral, Clay, Tanzanite, Peridot and Tourmaline.

When WORLD began working on their handcrafted pebble leather bag collection, they thought about every probability, to ensure the range was exceptional in luxury, as well as interspersing with design, practicality, colour, suppleness, grain and desirability. Each bag arrives in a WORLD 'Map' designed travel bag cover, pulled together with leather rouleau loop. "All accessories say so much about a person, and probably nothing more so than the bag you carry" says Denise L'Estrange-Corbet. "When we created the tote, I carried the prototype around with me for 6 months, to see how it performed, and was asked everyday 'Where did you buy your bag?' "and I knew we were on to a winner". "People can often let themselves down, as they will spend an enormous amount of time on their outfit, but not what the carry, and it says so much about who you are, it is as important as everything else you wear".

The AUCKLAND Tote Bag is the tote to end all totes! A full leather body, with large stitched leather handles and brass rivets in the base for protection. This 'must have' comes with the added practicality of a large pouch, attached to the handle by a leather key chain with brass clip, which gives added security, but is also perfect for storing your phone or keys for easy accessibility. The pouch can be unclipped, and used on its own, when a bag is not needed. The AUCKLAND is an all rounder, can be taken anywhere and it will only ever be admired! RRP $499.00

The WELLINGTON Handbag is the most stoic bag in this collection! Large enough to fit the laptop and lipstick, it has large gussets on the side, is fully lined in WORLD's own 'Map' fabric, has a roomy brass zipped inside pocket, credit card and phone holder all built inside for easy accessibility, so no more frustrating rummaging! Studded base and brass magnetic clip for security, padded leather stitched handles and invisible outside pocket.  The WELLINGTON will hold everything in all weather, on all days! RRP $599.00

The CHRISTCHURCH Handbag is a long and low bag! It bears all the fittings and accessories of the WELLINGTON, but has its own very individual style! Fully lined, solid, sturdy, and will withstand the busiest of days the luxury and style. The perfect day and weekend bag, it is refined and elegant for a more particular dresser. The CHRISTCHURCH adheres to the mantra of never being underdressed, handbag maketh the Woman! RRP$599.00.

Check the collection out here!!!

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Fraser - December 19, 2015

Is the auckland tote a unisex bag?

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