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ARQUISTE El & Ella Fragrance Launch

ARQUISTE El & Ella Fragrance Launch


It is always a pleasure when ARQUISTE founder Carlos Huber says he is coming to town. Apart from his dashing smile and undeniable charm, Mr. Huber arrived in New Zealand this week bringing two new seventies inspired fragrances: El & Ella.

“A beautiful scent is like a beautiful memory; it transports us to another place in time…”

ARQUISTE El & Ella are masculine and feminine fragrances that were inspired by a decadent encounter in the glamorous Acapulco Armando’s Le Club in the late 1970s. Think retro, think musk, think passion!


Nighttime at Acapulco’s sultriest disco. Revelry on the dance floor. In the heat of the moment, he smiles coyly and motions to the beach outside, hinting at a midnight swim. He unbuttons his shirt, flashing bronzed skin and the scent of his cologne, a virile muskiness loaded with patchouli, oakmoss and elegant woody notes. A masculine impression of a day under the sun, intensified by the thrill of the night. EL’s fragrance notes include Greek laurel leaves, clary sage enriched, Moroccan rosemary, Egyptian geranium, cardamom, cinnamon leaves, orange flower water, black buckwheat honey, patchouli. oakmoss, vetyvert, castoreum. civet, fougère accord.

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It’s a sultry night of disco, plunging necklines and champagne-soaked skin. Lights flash and strangers kiss, but it’s her dancing that commands the attention. She moves, panther-like, her honeyed skin creating an addictive sweetness and magnetism that only a deep chypre fragrance can deliver. She's met her match on the dance floor, and it’s her animalic instinct that follows him outside, onto the golden beach, under a silvery moon. ELLA’s fragrance notes include Cannon ball tree flower (curupita), Angelica root, Carrot seed enriched essence, Turkish rose, Jasmin absolute "vintage crop", Cardamom absolute, Black buckwheat honey, Ambergris, Patchouli, Civet, Vetyvert, Cigarette smoke accord, Chypre accord.

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Both El & Ella are now available exclusively through WORLD in our nationwide stores and online. Visit your local WORLD boutique to find out more and indulge in seventies sex appeal! 

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