May 25 2017
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WORLD - 28th Anniversary


Christine Balle - June 28 2017

I love how you have no boundaries.
Don’t ever grow up!

Jane Clayton - June 09 2017

Happy anniversary guy’s. Thanks for bringing your amazing World of beautiful garments for us to delight in wearing.?

Lesley - June 09 2017

World have been such an innovative leader in the fashion field, not just in NZ but globally. Fantastic for NZ to be showcased via your brand.
Big congratulations!!

Joce McDowall - June 09 2017

Such a wonderful story. Congratulations.
Your beautiful garments are timeless and as you said, “made by true artisans”.

margaret collins - May 31 2017

I am so happy to be a member of the world family. You make fashion a joy. Congratulations

Penny - May 26 2017

Congratulations WORLD !! absolutely and utterly GOLD !! x

Di Goldsworthy - May 26 2017

Happy Birthday Wiorld, you are inspirational!!???xxx

john bristed - May 26 2017

I know how hard it is and you deserve to be very much congratulated. Goodonyer.

Sylvia van Dyk - May 26 2017

By far my favourite store! I so love my beautiful World garments. Thank you, happy birthday, and many more!

Michael Somers - May 26 2017

Dear Francis and Denise, congratulations on 28 years of fab.

Christine Morgan - May 26 2017

Go World!!

Brent & Glenda Alexander - May 26 2017

Congratulations you guys. Staying in business after 28 years & continuing to produce such amazing work is no mean feat. Keep it up. We’re watching (& buying).

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