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WORLD and Doritos

As part of the Britomart Fashion Sessions on Thursday 30th March 2017,
WORLD launched, on the catwalk, their first in a series of unique artworks.

Series 1, Brand 1 - WORLD and Doritos, entitled

The brainchild of WORLD's Creative Director, Francis Hooper,
the series will look again, at how WORLD interprets and misappropriates
everyday objets as art and fashion.  Already the interest in purchasing
one of these items has been phenomenal.

The first brand chosen, is the iconic Americana corn chip, Doritos.
Actual Doritos chip packets were hand crafted into bags, shoulder and clutch,
double chain and single, in ornate gold loops, and made in New Zealand,
as are WORLD garments, using local artisans.

The future brands in the series, are a closely guarded secret by the WORLD team, and when the final has been chosen, WORLD will exhibit the pieces,
which will then be auctioned for a charity of WORLD's choice, as the brand has supported local and international charities since 1989.  The last model on the catwalk, opened her 'bag' and ate her chips, to prove, models do eat!


See below  a selection of images of the WORLD Doritos Bags.
To view a selection of images from the show where WORLD teamed with Kiekie Stanners for MAC Cosmetics and Ryder Salon to complete the models looks, please click here.






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