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Can a leopard change their spots? 

WORLD's SS18 collection has taken the famous idiom from the Old Testament and turned it on its head, preferably saying: Leopards can change their spots. Giuseppe di Lampedusa's renowned 1958 novel 'The Leopard', acted as further inspiration of how we as people must allow ourselves to constantly evolve in the face of an ever-changing world we live in. WORLD celebrates the individual and this season each piece or ensemble demands you to wear your personality with pride. 

Challenging sparkling leopard prints against bold floral patterns, enhancing textural linens with dynamic silhouettes - each creation builds an atmosphere of a characterful individual. One who can dress up with elegance and seriousness, or play the fool and enjoy the summer to come with an effortless luxury - much like the characters of Lampedusa's great novel, traversing life in Sicily and at the outset of the Italian Risorgimento. 

WORLD allows you to dress up to your personality and the collection starting from this point of view offers an eclectic reimagining of a maverick's wardrobe. Question is, will you be so bold as to wear what we've created?

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