ARE YOU A MISFIT?...The Scent of Counter-Culture ARE YOU A MISFIT?...The Scent of Counter-Culture


WORLD 4367A Beegee Skirt Mint

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A tulip shaped skirt that sits high on the waist and adds an elegant curve through the length of the skirt which finishes at the calf.
Cut from a lightweight boucle with a gentle sparkle thread running through the cloth and match with the gorgous double breasted Brooklyn Blazer and for a three piece option also try the Beegee Trouser. 

This season WORLD has been inspired by the nostalgic idea of getting all dressed up to take yourself out!!! Playing with the iconic film Saturday Night Fever, based on the famed article 'Tribal Rites of the new Saturday Night by British music writer Nik Cohn, which was published in the New Yorker magazine and celebrated a new scene dance and weekend frivolity, especially in the Bay Ridge neighbourhood in Brooklyn. Allow this give you the spirit and excitement to get all dressed up like you were stepping out into club 2001 Odyssey to the beat of Staying Alive...

Fabric: Boucle
This garment has been designed and made in Auckland, New Zealand using fabrications and notions souced internationally.